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Monitoring & control system

During energy production it is very important to consume own energy as less as possible, therefore the process should be correctly controlled.

Monitoring and control system developed by AGRO Forst & Energietechnik GmbH is easy to use, because it is fully automated and animated and operation of its active components is visualised not only with numbers, but also as real on-screen movement.



All active and set measurements are displayed immediately (real-time) and later are backed up within the unlimited time interval, thus all changes in operation and settings can be checked and explained.

The system is created in such way that each disorder can be easily and quickly detected, because error code is displayed, by means of which every AGRO’s or its partner’s technician can unmistakeably find the damage place and way of improvement.

The control system can control not only the burning process, but also the hydraulic system operation.

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