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Turbochallenger® is currently the most modern front-furnace system designed for biomass thermal oil heating boiler units.

1) Thanks to cyclone-shape, vertical post-combustion chamber, it is possible to use different types of fuel material at the same time.

2) The flue gas movement velocity in the combustion chamber is much slower, which significantly reduces the fly ash concentration in the flue gas, and thus the fly ash ingress into the thermal oil boiler. By reducing fly ash content in the thermal oil boiler, there is ensured abrasivity reduction for the thermal oil boiler heating surfaces.

3) Divided combustion chamber and thermal oil boiler unit system significantly increases the operational safety of equipment, because the hot flue gas can be discharged directly into atmosphere, bypassing the thermal oil boiler.

4) Turbochallenger has a self-cleaning post-combustion chamber, thanks to reverse airflow.

Turbochallenger® is an Agro Forst & Energietechnik GmbH patented system.

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